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A twist-filled investigative thriller

Paappan is a good suspense thriller movie, if you are ready to face some high voltage melodrama and many twists, but for Suresh Gopi, you can take this.(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India


There isn't a phase in the screenplay where the trajectory taken by the proceedings will excite you.

The rendering style of the movie is slightly on the dated side from veteran director Joshiy. But the major slack of the blame here has to be given to the writing. The screenplay by RJ Shaan is excessive. When you backtrack the whole movie, it takes too much time to establish the past of Paappan, and...(more)

Source: Ashwin Bharadwaj, Lenmenreviews


Suresh Gopi and Neeta Pillai shine in Joshiy�s crime thriller

Paappan is an entertainer that does not deviate from the main plot, and an interesting movie for those who enjoy crime thrillers with a few differences.(more)

Source: Saraswathy Nagarajan, The Hindu


Few neat touches in largely exhausting film

We don�t get to see anything inventive in terms of the storytelling/filmmaking approach either. Once again, we get the much-familiar zooms and frame rate manipulations we have seen numerous times before. The familiarity is also a problem with respect to the visuals (teal-and-orange lighting) and Jak...(more)

Source: Sajin Shirijith, Indian Express

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