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Intriguing film that needed a tighter treatment

Bimbisara is filled with intriguing ideas that could have made for an engaging watch. It's definitely a refreshing take on an age-old formula. However, the screenplay struggles to get to its points throughout the film. Even when we see where an idea is leading, we are asked to wait for it until the ...(more)

Source: Bhuvanesh Chander, The Hindu


Entertaining Fantasy Drama

Bimbisara is a well-made fantasy drama with a solid backdrop and entertainment. Kalyan Ram gives his career-best performance and the narration is gripping. Apart from a few patchy scenes in the second half, this film has emotions, action, comedy, and good visuals that will be lapped by the audience ...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


Kalyan Ram exudes brilliance in this epic fantasy tale of transformation and time travel

The Telugu fantasy action film written and directed by debutant Mallidi Vashist will surprise the audience with its grandeur, power-packed performances, epic background score and fantastic visuals. The movie's first half is a runaway hit, and the second half could have been better. Kalyan Ram as Bim...(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India

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