Pakka Commercial (U/A)
01/Jul/2022 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 32mins

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Pakka Commercial
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Gopichand and Raashi shine in this meandering comedy

Maruthi has delivered better films, characters and stories in the past; Pakka Commercial is really not his best work. But give the film a chance if you�re a fan of his or the lead actors. Just don�t expect too much.(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


Commercial but far from entertaining

There is scope for the drama to get interesting when Lucky and his father are pitted against each other and inspired by Samsaram oka Chadarangam, a line divides the house into two. However, the promise of a crackling face-off between the father and son fizzles with a lopsided showcase of how connivi...(more)

Source: Sangeetha Devi, The Hindu


Routine But Passable

Pakka Commercial is a courtroom drama filled with passable comedy. The first half is slow but comedy takes the cake during this time. Things get better in the second half but the bland storyline and predictable proceedings take the flow down time and again. All those who love loud comedy without bo...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu,


Patchy But Not Catchy

�Pakka Commercial� is packaged in a manner to please the audiences with random episodes and loud sequences. Maruthi�s focus has been on individual scenes than the coherent plot. If you are okay with the too commercial way of narrative, this movie may provide some entertainment. But for the regular a...(more)

Source: Great Andhra,

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1 “Pakka Commercial Title Song” Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Jakes Bejoy, Vedala Hemachandra
2 “Andala Raasi” Krishna Kanth Saicharan Bhaskaruni, Ramya Behara Listen
3 “Adhirindhi Mastaru Mee Posteru” Bhaskarabhatla Sri Krishna, Sahithi Chaganti Listen
4 “Lehanga Lo Lady Donu” Krishna Kanth Vijay Prakash, M. M. Srilekha Listen