Raksha Bandhan (U)
11/Aug/2022 Family, Drama 1hr 50mins

Raksha bandhan

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Akshay Kumar shines in this festival crowd-pleaser

There are times when it feels that, in the name of creating an atmosphere of everyday toxic patriarchy, the writers begin to enjoy fat-shaming and colour-shaming the sisters. But eventually, Himanshu and Kanika return to 2022 and redeem Raksha Bandhan.(more)

Source: Anuj Kumar, The Hindu


Akshay Kumar Has Enormous Workload In Tone Deaf Film

In a tone-deaf film, the lead actor is at liberty to slip in and out of his different avatars without having to worry about finer behavioural detailing. Raksha Bandhan is so, so yesterday in both substance and spirit that it could be passed off as a soggy 1950s film that has wended its way through the decades to land in our midst for no rhyme or reason.(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies


A touching sibling bond story that turns into a social commentary

�Raksha Bandhan� reflects the stories of people from small-town India, and in that effort, it does entertain especially in the first half. However, the story about bandhan between siblings soon turns into a social commentary about dowry, which takes up a lot of screentime of this 110-minute movie. This highly emotional drama doesn�t fail to touch you, but it had the potential to be a far more entertaining watch.(more)

Source: Archika Khurana, Times Of India


Akshay Kumar's Humour Overweighed By Aanand L Rai's Drama

Raksha Bandhan celebrates all right things in the end, but it�s the journey to that celebration that doesn�t really intrigue you to stay invested.(more)

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Revels in its conservatism then reprimands you for it

Raksha Bandhan, in the first half, attempts to portray our society but never shows it the mirror. When the conservatives and the bigots have had their fill of the boisterous humour and the sacrificial sentiments, the second half presents a punch-in-the-gut that can be easily dodged. The film spends most of its time in lauding the selflessness of the bhai and the sisters are basically cattle who need to be tied to somebody else�s house. By the time both Lala and the audience realise the futility of their actions it�s too late. Moral of the story: Dowry bad, women empowerment good(more)

Source: Kartik, Indian Express


RAKSHA BANDHAN is a touching family saga, with a highly emotional second half that uplifts the film.

RAKSHA BANDHAN starts on a funny note, showing Kedarnath feeding gol gappas to pregnant customers. The scenes at this point are funny as the makers talk about male children, dowry etc. However, it also hits you how these evils have been normalized in society. Kedarnath beating up eve teasers and then making a public announcement partly succeeds in entertaining. However, the scene where the sisters stop an arranged marriage meeting in Sapna�s house is hilarious. The other remarkable scene in the first half is when Kedarnath stops an anti-dowry activist from spreading her message. The intermission point is emotional. The twist in the tale is the best part of the film and is sure to make eyes moist. The film ends on a progressive note.(more)

Source: Bollywood Hungama, Bollywood Hungama