Hit: The Second Case (A)
02/Dec/2022 Thriller, Crime 2hrs

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HIT: The Second Case
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Delivers when it comes to gore but not the rest

HIT: The Second Case delivers what it promises when it comes to the gore (it is rated A, after all) and taking the HIT universe forward. It just doesn�t seem to do anything to take you by surprise. What it does do however is make you want to watch the next instalment. And maybe, that�s a win.(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati,, Times Of India


Gripping and Tight Narrative

"Hit 2" is a solid investigative thriller that checks all the boxes. Despite its flaws, the film maintains viewer interest throughout. It nearly hits the target. (more)

Source: Great Andhra, greatandhra.com


Engaging and Intense

HIT 2 is a gripping crime drama with good thrills and a solid second half. Adivi Sesh is in full form and carries the film on his shoulders with his superb performance. Though the film starts on a slow note, once the momentum picks up it keeps you hooked and ends as a satisfying watch. Go for it.(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


Adivi Sesh starrer is a significant improvement on HIT 1

HIT 2 is a significant improvement over the first iteration. One can only hope that Sailesh fills in the gaps in his storytelling and becomes a more refined filmmaker with HIT 3.(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar, Indian Express

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