Hit: The First Case (U/A)
15/Jul/2022 Thriller, Drama 2hrs 16mins

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Hit: The First Case
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Rajkummar Rao delivers a stellar performance

The issue with HIT is the fact that the second half gets extremely predictable and goes from a whodunnit to a weak thriller. Also, we get very little information on Vikram's traumatic past and how it triggers him into his present-day job. At a time when OTT has such diverse and rich content to offer...(more)

Source: Tushar Joshi, India Today


Rajkummar Rao Leads An Engaging Whodunnit That Deserved A Much More Nuanced Climax

Rajkummar Rao needs his glory back where the entire movie somehow complimented his talent and hardwork. This is not it but is not entirely bad either.(more)

Source: Shubham Kulkarni , Koimoi


HIT THE FIRST CASE is a decent watch thanks to a superlative performance, whodunit element and a story.

Rajkummar Rao does a fine job. He surprisingly impresses in the action scenes. Sanya Malhotra looks wonderful and gives an able performance. Sadly, she has a limited screen time. Milind Gunaji (Inspector Ibrahim) and Jatin Goswami leave a mark in small roles. Dalip Tahil�s performance is alright. Sh...(more)

Source: Bollywood Hungama, Bollywood Hungama


Rajkummar Rao lends gravitas to this dawdling crime mystery

HIT evades stereotypes to a huge extent but also succumbs to it. A melodious love song for instance, has to be followed by something tragic happening to the lead actress. The treatment is no-nonsense and sincere but that doesn�t translate to a nail-biting, gritty thriller. The film is more of an unh...(more)

Source: Renuka, Times Of India


Hindi Remake Of Telugu Never Become The Taut Police Drama It Wants To Be

HIT: The First Case never becomes the taut, intriguing, suspenseful police drama that it desperately wants to be. The routine rigmarole apart, the final reveal is terribly daft, a forced twist that is the only departure that this film makes from the original. It is only a small detail that is modifi...(more)

Source: Saibal Chaterji, NDTV Movies

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