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Mammootty's terrific performance finds a match in Bindu Panicker

Luke is a very difficult character to like. This film puts us in a very tough spot. While we understand Luke�s emotional state, it�s hard to come to terms with everything he does in pursuit of his vengeance. His revenge doesn�t just want to end the life of his enemy but defile every memory that he e...(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar, Indian Express


A layered psychological-philosophical thriller

The film would give the perfect adrenaline rush that a theatrical experience could provide. Bravo team Rorschach for the risk, effort and dedication you have put to serve it hot and haunting.(more)

Source: Anjana, Times Of India


Mammootty's psychological thriller is intriguing but imperfect

The film slackens its pace a bit after Luke's intentions are revealed, with some of the scenes becoming repetitive; A tighter treatment could have made it a more potent film. Midhun Mukundan's music gels well with the eerie atmosphere that pervades the film. After Puzhu, Mammootty has yet again chos...(more)

Source: S.R. Praveen, The Hindu


Rorschach Is A Focused, Compelling Genre-bender That Is Rewarding In Spite of Issues

The idea of the film, about how obsession can consume a human, comes across effectively. The story justifies the title, with Luke�'s entry to the village resulting in a lot being revealed about its people than the actual case he is supposedly there for a missing wife, to be read as a Rorschach inkb...(more)

Source: Akilan Nagarajan, Filmcompanion.in


Mammootty's thriller is dark and interesting

Luke remains the pivot of the carefully structured story. You are given his past in bits. Jagadeesh�s police character and Sharaf U Dheen�s loitering character follow Luke�s actions with curiosity. Sometimes a few characters take turns to narrate bits of what they think. It is not misplaced, but it ...(more)

Source: News Minute, The News Minute


Revenge redefined with Mammootty v Grace Antony v Bindhu Panicker leading the charge

Early in Rorschach when a search party walks across a rocky river bed, Nimish Ravi�s camera pulls out, rising higher and higher until those human beings are no longer visible. The image mirrors the theme of the film: if I can�t see you, does that mean you do not exist? Conversely, like the human fac...(more)

Source: Anna MM, Firstpost.com