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John Luther
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A deft thriller bogged down by some cliches

John Luther is a dark thriller that would make the Jayasurya fans happy as he fills the screen with his handsomeness, latest trending attires and impressive performance.(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India


Jayasurya's evenly paced thriller falters only in the last act

John Luther is an evenly paced thriller that falters only in the last act, in an attempt to deliver a shocking twist.(more)

Source: Praveen, The Hindu


Standard investigative thriller elevated by an intense third act

The film scores highly in the final act when the killer's identity gets revealed through a clever � but familiar � trick of misdirection. When John confronts the antagonist, who seems more formidable than initially assumed, things get suitably heavier. You begin to feel that John is in real danger.(more)

Source: Sajin , CinemaExpress.com

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