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A sympathetic portrayal of the anger of the oppressed

Once in a while, there are acts which break out of this safe zone with the victims of oppression putting even their lives on the line for what they believe is a just reaction. Pada is a cinematic chronicle of one such real-life incident, which is now almost forgotten in Kerala, although the issues r...(more)

Source: S R Praveen, The Hindu


This fast-paced film is a stark reminder of missing Adivasi land rights

Pada really doesn�t waste a moment. It is so well-paced that you are still processing the enormity of the questions in Vinayakan�s voice as the end credits roll and the real life characters are given their due. (more)

Source: Cris, The News Minute


Technically outstanding procedural

Pada is quite impactful. As a film? Not completely. But if it eventually manages to strike at the conscience of those seated in the upper echelons of power, I would be very glad. If anything, the performances of the four men inspire us to speak up in matters concerning individual rights instead of r...(more)

Source: Sajin Shirijith, CinemaExpress.com


An edge-of-the-seat narrative structure

Pada has an edge-of-the-seat narrative structure from the very beginning. Even though it isn�t an extravagant plot, the build-up they created looked real and extremely convincing. The docufiction ending of the film, which revealed the names of the real people who were involved in the incident, neede...(more)

Source: Lensman, Lenmenreviews


A well-made movie that raises much-needed questions to the Government and the society at large.

Pada is a tightly scripted movie that leaves you thinking about the unresolved issues of the Tribal communities in Kerala and India, at large.(more)

Source: Review Board, Behindwoods.com


An enraged fist raised at apathetic state regimes

Pada's cinematic experience is enhanced by the layered performance of Vinayakan, Dileesh Pothan, Kunchacko Boban and Joju George.(more)

Source: Gowtham VS, Indian Express