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A commendable attempt at shaking a societal norm

What deserves applause though is the fact that the script never diverts from the central idea, which revolves around Sara's choice and her intense wish to become a filmmaker. The narrative is a deft balance between these two, for the societal pressures on her choice inturn has a bearing on her dream...(more)

Source: S.R Praveen, The Hindu


A brave film on women's reproductive rights with its own share of unconscious bias

Sunny Wayne delivers an easygoing, naturalistic performance as Jeevan. And Anna Ben follows up a run of solid roles in her fledgling career (Kumbalangi Nights, Helen, Kappela) by carrying Sara's on her shoulders, pulling off the range of emotions written into the script. When she is a school kid in ...(more)

Source: Anna MM Vetticad, Firstpost.com