Halal Love Story (Amazon Prime)
15/Oct/2020 Comedy, Drama

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Halal Love Story
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A gentle satire camouflaged as a feel good film!

Grace Antony steals the show in the acting front and is terrific. Joju George is brilliant as the director who is passionate about his art and is also battling a personal conflict. Performances in general are neat and even the cameos by Soubin and Parvathy don't stick out like add ons and are an int...(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


A charming film about love and faith

Halal Love Story develops organically into a charming movie about love, faith and heartbreak. And more importantly, it gives us insight into a community and their way of living. (more)

Source: Manoj Kumar R, Indian Express


Sweet, deceptive simplicity in a layered community portrait

Zakariya employs a simple storytelling style to paint a layered community portrait in Halal Love Story. Quite appropriately, the film opens with Raheemsaab watching a video of 9/11, an act of extreme violence by terrorists in the name of Islam that fuelled Islamophobia worldwide. Animosity towards M...(more)

Source: Anna MM Vetticad, Firstpost.com


A film with a fresh theme and genuine performances

The film, which follows a 'movie within a movie' format delicately portrays Islamic culture, gives viewers a peek into their lives through the interest in pursuits like filmmaking while actively embracing their traditions.(more)

Source: Deepa Soman, Times Of India


A feel good entertainer

Like in his earlier movie, Zakariya looks deeper into human minds and presents it quite effectively. The story is narrated in a leisurely pace and the characters look real. The visuals and the music really help in making this one engaging. (more)

Source: movie buff, Sify.com


Zakariya Weaves A Simple, Impactful & Important Tale Of Awareness

Halal Love Story is not just about the faith or the importance of it; it is about the people following it and how their mind-sets are not stereotyped robotic. (more)

Source: Shubham Kulkarni , Koimoi