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When There Is More Than What Meets The Eye!

The film turns into a thriller of sorts midway with the entry of Roy (Sreenath Bhasi) who is a stranger to the couple as well as to us. The three of them get into a mini maze of sorts and you are as desperate as Jessy hoping that she gets out of it. The performances are terrific and on point and mos...(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


A well-made story on women's travails

The one liner of the story isn't novel, but the fresh treatment of this film needs a mention. But also, the film at some points moves at a slow pace, particularly when Jessy and Vishnu fall in love over the phone.(more)

Source: Anjana George, Times Of India


Promising debut, but with a dampener effect

The otherwise well-intentioned makers may have inadvertently provided a respectable tool for the moral policing gangs. In the end, when Jessy is convinced by an educated girl to not go in for legal options, it becomes a cautionary tale for women deciding their life on their own, rather than resign t...(more)

Source: S.R. Praveen, The Hindu


Anna Ben Delivers A Fine Performance Again, But The Film Doesn't Try Enough

Sometimes, films as this, which start off by showing great promise and end up on a conforming note, are more awful than a badly-made potboiler. Clearly, Mustafa has a great understanding of how to stage a scene, handle the actors and use images to tell the story. But his technical grasp is overshado...(more)

Source: Ashwathy, Silverscreen.in