Iddari Lokam Okate (U/A)
25/Dec/2019 Drama, Romance 2hrs 06mins

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Iddari Lokam Okate
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Lacks The Verve And Intensity That This Romance Demanded!

Aiming to be an epic love story, Iddari Lokam Okate is let down by an uninspiring narration and the performances produce plastic emotions at best.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Same Old Beat

"Iddari Lokam Okate" is not a bad film but what it lacks is freshness. Among Raj Tarun's recent outings, this one is better but this is not sufficient. Familiarity is the biggest drawback of this movie. (more)

Source: GreatAndhra,


It's heart is in the right place!

The film is melodramatic, slow and for those who are a sucker for romantic tragedies. It's also refreshing to watch a film that does not stereotype women, glorify toxic masculinity or indulge in sexism, and yet manages to tell a heartwarming tale. Just don't go looking for the feel-good factor or lo...(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


Old school romance

Iddari Lokam Okkate is an old school romance that has a few moments here and there. The slow pace and predictable nature of the film bring the proceedings down. However, an emotional climax and lead pair�s chemistry makes things interesting. Watch it at your own risk and be ready for the dull romanc...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team,


An old school romance

Over all the film is of routine concept which has hardly any moments here and there but the emotional content in the end is definitely worthwhile. Slow narration makes it a boring one otherwise it is an okay affair. May be an one time watch.(more)

Source: Telugumirchi Team,


The kisses and the tears don't work

The film looks outdated. Stories such as this may have worked at one time but now there is demand for content that is credible and more relatable. Heart transplant to a lover is a too much of a coincidence. There isn't enough melodrama and the filmmaker attempts to woo a certain segment with many sm...(more)

Source: Sunita, The Hindu

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