Ganagandharvan (U)
27/Sep/2019 2hrs 19mins

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Ganagandharvan is a watchable comedy drama for Mammooty's charming presence and a few mild laughs.

Ganagandharvan works mainly due to the family drama woven to it. Mammootty exudes charm and innocence with his portrayal of Ullas, while Manoj K. Jayan's witty zingers and humorous. With a fairly engaging first half and some feel-good moments, Ganagandharvan is a passable drama.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board,


The Mammootty film is a bonafide entertainer

The strength of Ganagandharvan though is the acting and script. While Pisharody has resorted to straightforward, old school storytelling, he has done it with panache, proving that a good script does not need any gimmick to entertain the audience.(more)

Source: Sanjith Sidhardhan, Times Of India


This Mammootty Movie Is Old Fashioned Yet Entertaining!

Ganagandharvan is an old-fashioned family entertainer which still succeeds in entertaining the audiences. Watch this Mammootty starrer without much expectations.(more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


Why Mammootty why?

It is unclear why Mammootty would do such an in-your-face, one tone and biased film that neither understands men's right activism or the plight of men that fall into the trap of some evil women.(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar R, Indian Express