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Nothing to Freak Out about here!

Disco Raja is a mixed bag that�s let down by Vi Anand's writing. Despite picking an interesting aspect to base his tale on, he falls down the rabbit hole of delivering 'entertainment' in a routine manner. The build-up to any of these tales is definitely not worth the landing they get. The film is a waste of talent, but it's Ravi Teja and Sunil that make it worth a watch.(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


Clicks here and there

Disco Raja is a scientific thriller laced with an action backdrop. Ravi Teja is superb in the retro look but the screenplay and narration are dull and slow. The film is neither bad or has terrific moments and unfolds at its own pace. A section of the audience will connect to the concept but the general audience who look for masala entertainment can get let down. So, go in with an open mind to enjoy this film.(more)

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Half Baked

Director Vi Anand comes up with interesting ideas but he fails to tell them in a gripping manner. With "Disco Raja", both the director and actor Ravi Teja disappoint us. (more)

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Ravi Teja is a live wire as the titular character, but the film itself is a big bore

Disco Raja is nearly 150 minutes long, but the only thing one's likely to remember after watching it is the sight of Ravi Teja putting on his headphones and dancing as if there's no tomorrow.(more)

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Ravi Teja Starrer Promises You Stars In The Beginning, But Offers LED Lights By The End

What hurts is that the film could have been altogether a different and much better version of itself with the superstar spreading his magic over it. But what we get is entertainment in part and no attachment at all. Watch it only if you are a fan.(more)

Source: Shubham Kulkarni, Koimoi


This Ravi Teja-Starrer Is Novel Enough, But Not Really Engaging

Even within the template of a masala entertainer, Disco Raja manages some interesting tweaks.(more)

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