Valiya Perunnal (U/A)
20/Dec/2019 3hrs 08mins

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Valiya Perunnal
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A thriller that thrills in parts

The first half is slow, except for some humorous bit. The second half too suffers from a sluggish pace, save a few thrilling sequences. It is only towards the end that the basic thread is clear to the audience. If you are a fan of Shane, dance and action, Valiyaperuunal will be good one-time watc...(more)

Source: ELIZABETH THOMAS, Times Of India


Could Have Been A Relevant Film For This Dark Age

Valiyaperunnal could have been a relevant film for this dark age. It makes an effort, though inadequate, to side with the downtrodden. It contrasts state-sponsored violence against the inescapable whirlpool of violence people like Akkar are caught in. In the first half, it uses the elements of an et...(more)