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A fictional recounting of port trade unionism

Though he is a labourer, he has no qualms about violently attacking the leaders of the fledgling left-wing trade union movement. Even the tears of his mother does not move him to change his ways. Nivin does not hold back in playing a villain, and he and Poornima deliver excellent performances, showing the frustrations and pathos of the lives of labourers and their families.(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India


This Rajeev Ravi film is an epic we didn�t know we needed or deserved

The film�s epic quality is a result of Rajeev Ravi�s meticulous attention to detail and majestic cinematography, as well as the excellent work of the art department under the direction of Gokuldas, Radhakrishnan S� sound design, and background score by �K�. The stunts, choreographed by Mafia Sasi, Prabhu, and Dinesh Subbarayan, also merit special mention because they never exceeded their bounds and interfered with the pace of the movie.(more)

Source: Anandu Suresh, Indian Express


Rajeev Ravi's film is an important document of the struggles to unionize for rights

Thuramukham remains an honest and important document of workers� struggle to unionise for their rights, in an era in which such hard-won rights are chipped away, and even feeble protests are mocked at.(more)

Source: Praveen, The Hindu


A Tale of Losses Mounted on a Solid Political Foundation

It could have been a standard period film that creates frames to show the hard work of the production designer or the amount spent building the set. But the gaze of the makers is not really inclined to that style of filmmaking. Gopan Chidambaran has included multiple narratives that greatly help the movie transport the audience to that setting. With his typical style of camera placement that mostly makes the audience an onlooker, Rajeev Ravi creates tension in the air convincingly. Even though the Chappa system had its role in making Moidu this unlikable person, a much more effective end to his journey would have made a better impact. The background score fits the backdrop of the story. The sound design was outstanding, making the period setting look very authentic.(more)

Source: Ashwin, Lenmenreviews