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It is impossible not to relish Joseph. It is a movie that is so often scary and stomach-turning

That said, debutant music composer Renjin Raj's beautiful compositions enhances the mood of the movie. Maneesh Madhavan too provides us with unobtrusive visuals that help the movie in a big way. It is impossible not to relish 'Joseph'. It is a movie that is so often scarily stomach-churning and at t...(more)

Source: Deepa Soman, Times Of India


Genuine and thrilling

Though the basic concept is compelling and the story is genuine, one gets the feeling that the script could have been tighter. Director Padmakumar has adopted a conventional pattern to tell the tale and for those who are regularly watching modern thrillers this one could be an okay watch at best. Th...(more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


Joju is at his best in this crime thriller

The supporting cast including Irshad, Dileesh Pothan, Sudhi Koppa and Athmeya fits perfectly in the loop and portrays their roles well. The subtlety, anxiety, uncertainty, intensity and sheer acting performance makes Joseph a must watch.(more)

Source: Gokul, Deccan Chronicle


a rewarding character study

Joju George displays his versatility in a role which demands a range of emotions from him. It is about time the industry made use of him in a variety of roles, beyond the humourous ones that he usually gets. Joseph is a rewarding character study, marking Padmakumar�s return to form.(more)

Source: S.R. Praveen, The Hindu


Joju George dominates an atmospheric, poignant, but over-stretched cop saga

Joseph: Man With The Scar thoroughly worthwhile. It could of course have done without the number of songs packed into the narrative that slacken the pace for no apparent purpose, the melodramatically mournful tone of some of the singing, the slow motion and other shots that linger longer than necess...(more)

Source: Anna MM Vetticad, Firstpost.com

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Poomuthole” Vijay Yesudas version 1, Niranj Suresh version 2 Listen
2 “Karineela Kannulla” Karthik, Akhila Anand Listen
3 “Pandu Paadavarambathiloode” Joju George & Benedict Shine
4 “Uyirin Naadhane” Vijay Yesudas & Merin Gregory
5 “Kannetha Dooram” Harinarayanan Bk Vijay Yesudas Listen
6 “Jukebox” Listen