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The film revolves around the life of Nitya, an autistic royal heir, who is now in a mental asylum with a difference

While the film has thrills and is a venture with a difference, it lacks in some heft. There is a 'thrills for the sake of thrills' feel to the movie. But if you are in the mood for a adrenalin rush, 'Athiran' won't disappoint.(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India


A Mystery Movie That Takes An Anomalous Path!

Athiran isn't a routine entertainer but it remarkably keeps us hooked with the intelligence in the narrative. It definitely offers a unique experience for Malayalam movie audiences.(more)

Source: Abhijith, One India


A mystery thriller

It is a onetime watch for those who like psychological thrillers with some mind-bending and adrenaline rush moments.(more)

Source: Gokul, Deccan Chronicle


An engaging psycho thriller

bviously the journey until then has to be really engaging in such a pattern but here it requires some patience to sit through that part of the ride. The dialogues and the settings tend to be dramatic at times as well. (more)

Source: Moviebuzz,