Uri: The Surgical Strike (U/A)
11/Jan/2019 Action, Drama 2hrs 18mins

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Critics Review


The Nation Seems To Love It

Aditya Dhar makes a confident debut as filmmaker with Uri and is ably supported by his leading man, Vicky Kaushal. The film could have worked well as a superb war film from India, but falls well short of being so.(more)

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Vicky Kaushal takes Pakistan head on in this military drama

Uri: The Surgical Strike is clear from the word go as to which political party it caters to, and makes no secret of it. Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval (Rawal) is seen in practically every scene and is part of every meeting that involves discussions on the surgical strikes. The timing of this film couldn't have been more perfect.(more)

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Vicky Kaushal will make every Indian proud with this engrossing war drama

If you loved watching movies like Border and L.O.C: Kargil, Uri: The Surgical Attack is a film for you. It will make you laugh and cry, and you'll walk out of the theatre feeling proud of the soldiers, both on and off the screen.(more)

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Uri: The Surgical Strike is a fitting tribute to the Indian Army conceptually but cinematically, it's not a film without flaws.

The soldiers give up their today for our tomorrow and no words can signify or repay the sacrifices they make for our country. Uri puts a spotlight on the thankless job they do with passion in their hearts and fire in their bellies. The film is a fitting tribute to the Indian Army conceptually but cinematically, it�s not a film without flaws. (more)

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Vicky Kaushal's Sterling Performance Adds To The 'High Josh'!

Vicky Kaushal's Vihaan screams, 'How's the Josh?' to his battalion of soldiers, you feel the adrenaline rush as you hear, 'Very high, Sir.' Keeping all the debatable aspects aside, Uri manages to make your heart swell with pride for the armed forces who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation.(more)

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Vicky Kaushal delivers a top notch performance in a potent war drama

What Dhar squanders on the screenplay, he makes up for in the details. Stefan Richter's carefully designed and executed action scenes, Sashwat Sachdev's thunderous background score, sound mix, sound design and special effects simulate authenticity. As far as war dramas go, Uri: The Surgical Strike is a confidently made film that comes out guns blazing. And when the guns are not blazing, Kaushal certainly is.(more)

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A War Movie Bollywood Can Boast About!

Uri: The Surgical Strike is a story of courage told with utmost honesty. Vicky Kaushal's disciplined performance and the way of balancing tensions, thrills make this a movie you don�t want to miss.(more)

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#Uri is thrilling, gripping, instills patriotism, without getting jingoistic.

URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE has a thrilling and a gripping narrative which instills patriotism without getting jingoistic. (more)

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A slick war film

he movie on the whole keeps you watching despite some clunky passages. It's always good to have movies in which the soldiers look real, even if the action is buoyed by such dialogues as 'unhe Kashmir chaihye, humein unka sar'.(more)

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An Unabashed Love Letter To The Indian Army

All of which is designed to create a sense of urgency but by this time, the narrative has lost its grip. I think a shorter running time would have served the story better.(more)

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A ripping revenge yarn

URI is a solid action/political thriller and one that has a lot of great moments with Dhar showing mastery in storytelling, control in creating intensity and a great performance from the lead, Vicky Kaushal. Movies like this are not to be missed.(more)

Source: MAYUR SANAP, Deccan Chronicle