Njan Marykutty (U)
15/Jun/2018 2hrs 2mins

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Njan Marykutty
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While with many movies, you wish for it to end somehow, with Njan Marykutty, you feel a tad disappointed that it ended so abruptly. Let's hope the director makes a second part, with more or Marykutty's 'Sheroism'.(more)

Source: Asha Prakash, Times Of India


Transperson's troubles handled sensitively

Njan Marykutty is not a cinematic masterpiece, but a marvel on its own right for its innate tone of sensitivity.(more)

Source: Navamy Sudhish, The Hindu


An engaging watch

Njan Marykutty may not be delving deep into the psyche of its protagonist like movies like A Fantastic Woman for instance and is mostly treading along in a formulaic pattern but has its fine moments nevertheless. What works for this one is the dedication of Jayasurya, whose commitment to the role ne...(more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


A breakthrough moment in Malayalam cinema

Everyone in the audience who has seen the film is guaranteed to look at a trans person in a new light and that is the victory of this path-breaking film.(more)

Source: PRIYA SREEKUMAR, Deccan Chronicle


Jayasurya Is Matchless In This Film That Is The Need Of The Hour!

Njan Marykutty will make a lasting impact in the minds of the viewers and it has a very unique subject. The film, which has a matchless performance from Jayasurya, has come out at the right time and it is the need of the hour.(more)

Source: Abhijith, One India


Njan Marykutty is a movie with a difference

The film is the first in Malayalam having a transgender as the center character; the kind that despite having a few shortcomings, will not disappoint the audience if watched without expecting a masterpiece.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com

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