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Kamuki is an enjoyable romance which you can 'blindly' opt for

However, with a novel theme and flawless making, the film is a beautiful watch. It speaks about the necessity of having an aim in life and also make your dreams a reality. It also is an eye opener for those who crib about minor discomforts in life.(more)

Source: Anjana George, Times Of India


Love is blind, my friend

With a moderately entertaining performance of the actors and an engaging storyline, the movie turns out to be a one-time watch(more)

Source: Reshma, manoramaonline


Aparna Balamurali Is The Only Positive Element In This Utterly Distasteful Movie

Aparna Balamurali's earnest performance in the lead role is the sole redeeming factor. She easily outperforms his co-star Askar Ali who seems to be still approaching films as though they are his high school project works.(more)

Source: Aswathy Gopalakrishnan, Silverscreen.in