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A Solo Journey All the Way

Yatra is a film that doesn�t deliver complete justice as a biopic of YSR but it is definitely watchable thanks to Mammootty�s matured performance which is devoid of any histrionics.(more)

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A viewer is bound to be disappointed with Yatra, it doesn't do justice in capturing the essence of a charismatic leader like YSR in a film.

The film ends with a footage of YSR's popular speeches, his sudden death in the helicopter crash and his son Y S Jagan taking YSR's aims forward. Nothing much is left for the film to achieve in terms of the story. If you manage to sit through the last hour of Yatra, it's only because of Mammooty's adeptness being in the shoes of a people's leader. Though he doesn't emulate YSR's histrionics to the hilt, Mammootty is very effective in bringing suaveness to the role. A viewer is bound to be disappointed with Yatra, for it doesn't do justice in capturing the essence of a charismatic leader like YSR. While Ashrita Vemuganti doesn't have much to do, she appears convincing in the limited portions as YSR's wife Vijayamma. Rao Ramesh, Posani, too do their job well. Yatra could have been a poignant story. As of now, it is only a lost opportunity.(more)

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Mammootty is convincing as YSR

The film also works as a decent human drama. Other characters have a limited role to play in the film, but thankfully they are not used as a hero-worshipping tool. For instance, Jagapathi Babu, who plays YSR's father's YS Raja Reddy, makes a strong presence in the story, even though he just appears in just a couple of scenes.(more)

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Mammootty's political drama is worth rooting for in spite of flaws

Mammootty makes a grand return to Telugu cinema after two decades. When you walk out watching Yatra, Mammootty leaves one with the feeling that he couldn�t have chosen a better character for his comeback. As YSR, he almost nails every trait that makes the character memorable, including his walk and his signature hand wave. No other actor could've played this character with the kind of effortlessness Mammootty brings to his performance.(more)

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Emotional Tribute to YSR

Yatra lives up to all the expectations laid upon it. The film is an emotional tribute to YSR and showcases his historical Yatra in a moving and realistic manner. The film is not a regular political potboiler and will surely draw mixed reactions from various sections of the audience. But such realistic biopics which show harsh realities of life need to be encouraged. Box office wise, we need to see how the film does but Mammootty nails it as YSR and takes you on an engaging journey of human emotions which arrest you completely. Recommended.(more)

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The Rise Of Mass Leader

"Yatra" is a perfect tribute to YSR's life in general. The film will be liked by all YSR's fans and congress leaders. For general audiences, it makes a decent watch as it portrays an important political event in combined state of Andhra Pradesh. More than politics, the emotional sequences work out well for all.(more)

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YSR biopic is underwhelming but Mammootty saves the day

Overall, if Mahi had avoided making the second half of the film a documentary, Yatra could've been a memorable journey. Director Mahi Raghav's Yatra, YSR biopic, starring Mammootty showcases the humane side of late CM YS Rajashekar Reddy. Despite its problems, Yatra is a one-time-watch.(more)

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The defining march

The film handles these sticky situations with humour. The 'ruling party' members always wear yellow shirts and its leader is never shown. Only once over a phone call we hear the leader (Chandrababu Naidu) and the hall guffaws, acknowledging the tonal similarities. Jagan, too, is only referenced through a phone call. The tug of war between the hard-nosed 'high command' and YSR, again, is brushed with humour.(more)