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Unparalleled Cinematic Experience!

The first half is a bit slow-paced due to the dry narration. Also it doesn't offer an astonishing unheard story, but the big-screen medium is utilized to the maximum extent. The brisk later half, along with a terrific act by Prithviraj and Blessy's skillful direction bring this one home.(more)

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Prithviraj delivers one of his finest performances in Blessy's stunning survival drama

From allowing Najeeb to see his reflection after months of living in unhygienic conditions to including a scene where he is attacked by vultures, Blessy splendidly adapted the base material to enrich the visual language of the film.(more)

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Prithviraj gives career-defining performance in Blessy film

If Prithviraj is one of the main pillars of "Aadujeevitham", AR Rahman is the other pillar that holds fort. His background score and songs evoke emotions. Editor Sreekar Prasad's work is exceptional and the way he juxtaposes Najeeb's life in Kerala and Saudi Arabia worked well. �Aadujeevitham� is an immersive film that banks on Prithviraj�s performance and its technical brilliance.(more)

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Prithviraj is stunning in this layered survival story

What to say about Prithviraj, except that he lives the character and is superb as Najeeb, who is completely lost and at wit's end in this unfamiliar region. Quite apart from the stunning body transformation, he brings the right mix of innocence and vulnerability to the role. The cinematography by Sunil KS and KU Mohanan give the film the feel of a masterpiece. The desert is stark under their gaze and adds to the emotions of the storytelling. AR Rahman's soulful music is already a hit on social media.a man�s resilience and for Prithviraj's acting, Aadujeevitham is bound to move audiences. (more)

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Prithviraj Sukumaran delivers extraordinary performance in Blessy directorial

At nearly three hours, Blessy' film is a tad long as it tends to drag in some parts, especially in the second half. The Goat Life must be watched on the big screen for a truly wholesome experience.(more)

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The Goat Life offers a captivating cinematic experience, led by Prithviraj Sukumaran's stellar performance and Blessy's skillful direction.

While the film may have some limitations, such as the exclusion of certain elements from the original novel and the feeling of incompleteness in certain aspects of the plot, its emotional depth, compelling storyline, and exceptional acting make it a must-watch for audiences. From the desert landscape�s harsh beauty to the human spirit�s resilience, �The Goat Life� is a poignant exploration of survival, hope, and the enduring power of human connection.(more)

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A hard-hitting survival drama blessed by a towering performance from Prithviraj.

It goes without saying that Aadujeevitham is not an easy watch. There are times when I wish certain sequences weren't stretched beyond an endurable length. But the film is also oddly comforting in that all your troubles seem minor in comparison to Najeeb's. But that seems to be the very point of the film. Because Najeeb is going through what we can't even imagine in our wildest dreams. It depends on how willing you are to experience Najeeb's life for close to three hours.(more)

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Prithviraj's performance drives a survival drama that borders on monotony

The few sequences of Najeeb's life back home are strictly functional, except for that breathtaking shift from the river to the desert at the end of a song. Amala Paul gets a role so short that leaves no scope for performance. If hard work were the sole benchmark for a film, Aadujeevitham would rank right up there among the best. And, quite a lot of the hard work does pay off too. Yet, it leaves one with the wish that the script had enough to break the monotony that sets in at some points.(more)

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A Saga Of Pain

Aadujeevitham may seem excruciatingly long for a story of an ordinary man caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like, someone in the audience said: 'This is so difficult and disturbing to watch' and the companion added: 'Simply watching him made me feel so thirsty and hungry.' Yes, we are all grateful for the lives we have.But for those who are willing to endure this saga of pain, it is well worth your time and experience.(more)

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Aadujeevitham proves why Prithviraj will change the fate of Malayalam cinema

'Aadujeevitham � The Goat Life' may not provide all the answers, but it undeniably offers a powerful cinematic experience that transcends boundaries. With its stellar performances, stunning cinematography, and evocative storytelling, this is a film that demands to be seen and savored.(more)

Source: Bhavana Sharman, Deccan Chronicle