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A Whacky Ride Without A Clear Destination

Taxiwala, an adventurous thriller by Rahul Sankrityan, starring Vijay Devarakonda is another interesting addition in the actor's portfolio. What could have been a much sleeker.. funnier.. much scarier film ends up being a one-time watch due to the dejected subplots and backstories.(more)

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Engaging Ride

Taxiwaala is an engaging horror comedy which has a good premise. Interesting concept, good comedy, and decent thrills are basic assets of this film. However, things get a bit slow in the second half as the proceedings become quite serious. As there are no major releases till this month end and keeping Vijay's popularity in mind, this film has a good chance to work at the box office. All you need to do is to watch it with low expectations as the film will not disappoint you and ends as a breezy watch this weekend.(more)

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A weak climax and patchy narration derails an otherwise entertaining fare.

Taxiwaala works in parts, largely thanks to a wonderful performance from Vijay Deverakonda, but the film veers away from Vijay and his character in the second half, tying itself up in knots. (more)

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Vijay Deverakonda's performance goes extra mile to shoulder this pretty well.

All horror or sci-fi films are vulnerable to being questioned by the audiences about the logic. But the director has taken conscious measures to keep the logic simple and avoid any potential continuity errors. Jakes Bejoy's musical score is a huge addition to this team and the song, Maate Vinadhuga, is in perfect sync with the script.(more)

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A Ride Worth Taking

"Taxiwaala" is simple thriller with adequate elements of thrills, comedy and some engaging moments.(more)

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