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Zero - Ambitious, Brilliant and Deserves More

The interesting arc of the film is that of Katrina's. She plays this Khol-on-tears eyed superstar actress who is on a heartbreak. And man! She does it with so much of relatablity! (Can't help wondering why the actor who dumped her is named Kapoor) I've never felt Katrina as a good actress at all. But with Zero, she really makes the story grip around her. The swag she pulls off when she skips makeup and goes with a random dress for a public appearance.. It looks like, finally here is a role that she can understand, sink it within and perform! (more)

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Shah Rukh Khan dazzles in a strange romance

Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma make the first part of Zero flat-out fantastic, an unabashed charm-offensive. It is as the film continues, and gets more fanciful, that the seams start to show.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan's comic timing is the only thing going for this spluttering, tottering affair

Zero''s storyline is convoluted, confused and dull. Of the female leads, Kaif's primary job is to look stunning, a duty she fulfills to perfection, while the heavy lifting in terms of acting is left, quite sensibly, to the more talented artiste of the two. Though Sharma totally immerses herself in Aafia's physicality, there is little she can do to elevate the woman above the dreary writing.(more)

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A Surreally Bad Shah Rukh Khan Starrer, But A Worse Aanand L. Rai Film

A star, falling, once the count reaches zero. And crashing down to earth.The Bermuda Triangle is the only triangle that comes to mind with these three, mostly because the audiences that dare to enter their story never find themselves again. (more)

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Preposterous drivel

his could have been a film for the ages. How many times do we see A-list Bollywood superstars go out of their comfort zone? SRK could have taken a deep dive into Bauua and emerged on another level. But he gets busy trying to do another Swades, and fly the flag, and be a patriot. When you try to do everything, very little is achieved.(more)

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Raise Your Head High For Bauua Singh!

Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua Singh makes sure you leave the cinema halls with a smile on your face. The first half has some of the wittiest dialogues to come out of Bollywood. Watch this one for stellar performances, arresting cinematography & uproarious dialogues.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan blasts off into a very strange space

Directed by Aanand L Rai, Zero is for those who don't fit in. It is a strange film, one that lets Shah Rukh Khan do what he does best - by way of swooning overture - but also a film that takes him where we wouldn't expect. Zero becomes odder and odder as it goes along, and while the end is impossible to take seriously, the entire film is meant to be a fable. Even in the movies, it is the misfits who stand out.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan's Film Best Switched Off Half Way Through

'It's easy to see what the makers of Zero might have been going for - a story of three 'damaged� individuals, and how they end up healing each other. But that idea is buried under the weight of an overwrought screenplay that packs in much more than your patience can handle. By the time the second half kicks in, Zero feels like an entirely different film from the one we were promised. (more)

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Shah Rukh Khan gifts fans mindless Christmas release with Meerut and Mars

The film gets passable performances from its lead actors. Shah Rukh Khan is impressive as Bauua Singh. He gets into his a few-sizes-smaller shoes and does the Meerutiya act well. Anushka Sharma does a forgettable Stephen Hawking. Katrina Kaif burns everyone around her... to borrow a line from Shah Rukh Khan, "She is soooo hot ... that we have to keep her in a tub on the sets." But beyond her 'hotness', Katrina Kaif is the usual Katrina Kaif in a Khan film. (more)

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Honey I shrunk the romance

In Zero, SRK's characteristic outstretched arms get smaller, as does his height, the creative ambition gets bigger but the film stays resolutely middling (more)

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ZERO Review

ZERO has several factors going for it: star presence, winsome performances, energetic soundtrack and of course, it�s timed during the Christmas and New Year vacations. Sadly, the weak, flawed and lacklustre screenwriting is all that you recall after you�ve watched the much-awaited movie. This one�s an epic disappointment!(more)

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