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Strikes a chord!

Sukumar delivers a solid film that packs a punch with a strong emotional connect.(more)

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Riveting Village Drama

Rangasthalam is a gripping village drama which has some electrifying moments throughout. The village set up, human emotions, romance, and Ram Charan's fantastic act as Chitti Babu win you over. The film will be a rage with the masses and the family audience will enjoy it too. If you ignore the slight lengthy runtime and rustic nature, this movie kicks off summer with a bang and ends up as a very entertaining watch this weekend. Go for it as earthy films like these hardly come out in Telugu.(more)

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Ram Charan, Samantha Akkineni film beats the formula

Rangamma athamma, played by Anasuya Bharadwaj, is a memorable supporting character whose equation with Chitti stands out. The film really belongs to director Sukumar who manages to take up an age-old formula and make it work with his vision.(more)

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This film truly proves that it doesn't matter if it's a tale you have seen a million times before, when it's told in an entertaining manner!

None-the-less, go watch the film this weekend for the characters and the intrigue they create. Watch it especially for Ram Charan and his stupendous performance, Sukumar's direction, Rathnavelu's cinematography and DSP's background score. (more)

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A commercial film in set in rural background has re-written the success story at the box office.

First half is devoted to antics of Chittibabu and Ramalakshmi and also highlights their scenes of mock -love-hate and also the injustices and atrocities of the village president exposed by the youth Kumara babu .The secod half is more commercial with comic scenes , Charans acting etc. In fact Sukumar has provided ample food for all audiences - a good combnation of music, cinematography,lyrics, acting and finally directors interventions.(more)

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Several aspects to savour

Rangasthalam is descriptive like a novel. Stay with the languid pace, for there are several aspects to savour.(more)



Ram Charan Teja delivers a career-best performance

A couple of questions remains unanswered in the story. But, it just a tiny blip on this well-crafted canvas that is made with honesty and high regard for the audience.(more)

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Ram Charan, Samantha and ensemble cast shine in Sukumar's gritty film

The film is nearly three hours long, but there's something about it that's both visceral and sublime. It made me want to relive the experience all over again. Some would say that there has been a chasm between what Sukumar & Ram Charan have been wanting to do over the years and how it was received by the audience. Now, after all these years, Rangasthalam bridges the gap. In Ram Charan we find a brand new actor, and in Sukumar we find a master storyteller who is relentless in his approach to push himself. Go watch Rangasthalam. It might take a while to warm up to it, but once you do, it'll take your breath away.(more)

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Charan Steals The Show

"Rangasthalam" is not a regular mass film. Nor is the story different. It is all about performances and best production design. Ram Charan gets to show the world that he is a good actor too, apart from having good dance moves.(more)

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A lengthy potboiler, with some good music and great visuals, at times Rangasthalam goes a bit overboard on drama

If there is one person who keeps the fans pumped up right through, that would be Devi Sri Prasad. Sounding extraordinary and setting the tone of the film, his BGM is probably the biggest plus point of the film. Rangasthalam is also a delight visually, thanks to cinematographer Randy. To sum up Rangasthalam, it is nothing new but provides some mass moments in a 'tried and tested' template.(more)

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