Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi In Varanasi (U/A)
25/Jan/2019 Biography, Action 2hrs 28mins

Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi in Varanasi

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The Queen Of Jhansi Review - Kangana's ONE WOMAN SHOW All The Way

In the flooding season of biopics and period dramas.. Manikarnika, for major parts surely looks like a rushed up, 'been there done that', caricaturistic film! But what strikes about is its the enormous emotional depth Kangana brings in to the character.(more)

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Patriotic and entertaining war drama, fuelled by Kangana Ranaut's performance.

Manikarnika is a well-made film that highlights Kangana�s prowess as an actor. For a first time filmmaker, she undoubtedly shows spark and potential as a storyteller. Short of an epic, this larger-than-life war drama has enough valour and spirit to keep you engaged in these pages of history.(more)

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Kangana Ranaut shines in a superfluous narrative

This film is awe inspiring due to its grandeur but fails to touch the emotional chord in your heart. (more)

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MANIKARNIKA - THE QUEEN OF JHANSI is a well-made historical with the right scale, emotional quotient and battle sequences as its highpoint. Also, Kangana Ranaut's performance is the icing on the cake. (more)

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Kangana Ranaut excellent as Queen of Jhansi, film not so much

Despite Kangana's best efforts, Manikarnika fails to bring Rani Laxmibai to life in this exhausting and over-exaggerated drama. So should you watch Manikarnika? Make an informed choice. If you're a Kangana Ranaut fan, Manikarnika is THE film for you.(more)

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Kangana Ranaut's Soulless Film Reduces Laxmi Bai To A Stunt Queen

Manikarnika is agonizingly soulless. Platitudes piled upon synthetic platitudes do not add up to great cinema, especially when none of the film's war cries delivers any bang for its buck. Save yours and give the film a miss unless you like the sound of misfires.(more)

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Kangana Ranaut is glorious, film puts Sanjay Leela Bhansali's carnivals to shame

There is much intent on display, and while Manikarnika could surely have been sharper, its very existence feels like an arrow against cinema's patriarchy, a broadside against the boys. At the end when we hear Amitabh Bachchan read out those famous lines about the Queen of Jhansi, the first credit declares �Directed By Kangana Ranaut.' It reads like a warning. Heads will roll. God save the queen.(more)

Source: Raja Sen., Hindustan Times


Kangana Ranaut is impressive, the rest is pretty bland

Manikarnika is a misguided and typical effort bolstered by only a few noteworthy aspects. Still, Kangana Ranaut remains the Queen.(more)

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Kangana Ranaut - Brutally Bloody Beautiful!

Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi is a visual form of our History chapters but a very intriguing and beautiful looking one. No one could have done this better than Kangana Ranaut and she is brutally bloody beautiful! If you're watching this, watch it on a big screen.(more)

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Kangana Ranaut infuses life into the braveheart queen

Even today, an important chapter in Indian history tomes is dedicated to the Queen of Jhansi. Watch her story unfold in this lavishly-mounted screen spectacle.(more)

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A Nationalistic Film Propelled By Kangana Ranaut's Fiery Performance

Manikarnika reveals Kangana as an artist with boundless ambition and I'm excited to see what she creates next. (more)