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Baahubali 2
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A new landmark set in VFX by Rajamouli

Baahubali is a delight for all those who enjoy cinema as a visual medium, there is not much else, though.(more)

Source: Dipanjan Sinha , Hindustan Times


SS Rajamouli's film is a lot more than just why Kattappa killed Baahubali

he film presents the old-as-time conflict between good and evil, the classic trope of mythology. But watch the film for the grandeur, the visuals and the performances, that have you cheering for Baahubali, much like the subjects of Mahishmati.(more)

Source: Samrudhi Ghosh, India Today


Prabhas is the soul of the movie

Film made with sentiment sequences and heroism-elevating scenes. But the material also has many flaws, which will be noticed more once the dust settles down. Despite these flaws (weak romance/lengthy fights, tad predictable climax), the film gives total entertainment and reinforces Rajamouli's supre...(more)

Source: Telugumirchi Team, Sify.com


SS Rajamouli's epic drama will be hard to forget anytime soon

In his attempt to make India's biggest motion picture, Rajamouli has also given the audience a reason to be in awe of films, or rather his films. For that matter, no review would come close to explaining the high that one will experience throughout the film. It has to be experienced to be believed.(more)

Source: Hemanth Kumar, Firstpost.com


This is the rare sequel that is better than the first.

There is much to appreciate in the intricacy of the insignia painted on the characters' foreheads, the detailed scale models Baahubali makes of his projects before constructing them, and lines like one about bestowing a bride with so many jewels that she'd need a year before she could repeat them.(more)

Source: Raja Sen, NDTV Movies

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