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Sanjay Dutt Stumbles With A B-Grade Film

Bhoomi is not just a bad film, it is a bad film trying to be many good films. As the background score gets shriller, the film takes turns trying to be NH10 and Ghayal and Pink. And while it is laudable for a action movie to have a message - this film is apparently talking about rape, character and consent - it must first be a watchable film. T(more)

Source: Raja Sen, NDTV Movies


Sanjay Dutt makes comeback in one of the worst films of the year!

Director Omung Kumar�s latest stab at significance (Mary Kom, Sarabjit) takes perverse pleasure in a woman�s humiliation under the pretext of standing up for her in extended scenes of victimisation. Often its self-patting depravity jumps out of screen in a manner so abominable, it�s as problematic as its view of mixing honour with violation(more)

Source: Sukanya Verma,


This Sanjay Dutt film is disturbingly voyeuristic

Dutt�s face is kept in close-up for much of the film, and there is still power in it. This is an actor who can explode off the screen, given the right story. Maybe he needs something much better told to vent his anger.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta , Indian Express


Sanjay Dutt's comeback is a tragic and botched attempt at feminism

Bhoomi is a very tragic and botched attempt at carrying feminism forward, as our lead actress doesn't seem have much to do or say, except look helpless from the word go to the end credits. Dutt acts well, as a bloodthirsty father, but that's about it. Oh wait, forgot to mention, there's Shekhar Suman too, who plays the best drunk friend. He cracks some clearly miss-able Japanese and Chinese racist jokes too.(more)

Source: Lakshana N Palat , India Today


Sanjay Dutt Deserved A Better Comeback

Omung has again wasted Aditi�s act in this one. You need a lot more than a story to make a good film, a story which looks good on paper will not necessarily be the same on screen. Omung never realises this throughout the film. He fails even to give the film a visual appeal, you need not to be dark to show a revenge drama.(more)

Source: Umesh Punwani , Koimoi


Sanjay Dutt can�t rescue this tired tale of vengeance

A good half an hour is spent as Sanjay and Aditi try their best to maintain a happy face for each other�s sake. It is only when they realise that a very trusted and close person was also involved in the crime that they seek revenge. Just before they turn to revenge, Aditi even says, �Rape ho gaya to kya karein? Mombatti le ke baith jaayein ya khud ko aag laga ke chillayein ki hume insaaf chahiye?�(more)

Source: Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times