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Director duo of Abbas-Mustan changed gears with their last film KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON, which was a rom-com. This time round, with MACHINE, Abbas-Mustan are back to what they are doing best - directing thrillers. Everyone knows that a typical Abbas-Mustan film is eagerly awaited because of its stylish presence, thrills, unexpected twists as well as the suspense. MACHINE does see the trademark film making style of Abbas-Mustan, but, the average storyline plays the spoilsport. The proceedings of the film�s first half is slow as it is entirely devoted to the typical routine boy-meets-girl romance, which is followed by their marriage. (more)

Source: Bollywood Hungama News Network, Bollywood Hungama


Stale cocktail of Abbas-Mustan's thrillers

Director duo Abbas-Mustan purely wanted to launch Mustafa in the bad world of filmdom as they tried too hard to do that but failed to create magic. Slow motion entry on a bike, wooing bikini girls on the beach and cheesy romantic dialogues, they made Mustafa to do all this, but to no avail.(more)

Source: ROHIT BHATNAGAR, Deccan Chronicle


Abbas Mustan Try To Pass Off An Old Wine In A New Bottle

bbas Mustan � the director duo who are known for their thriller genre films in Bollywood, try to pass off an old wine in a new bottle with this one. They take inspiration from their own work and it no where fits right apart from a few scenes. The racing portions have been captured well and we have to agree their choice of cars is impeccable. Heck I would even admit, the cars look better than the actors!(more)

Source: Surabhi Redkar, Koimoi


Worst film of Abbas-Mustan�s career, zero star

From Shah Rukh Khan�s career-defining Baazigar to Akshay Kumar�s first commercial success Khiladi, the duo have always left their mark. Sleek editing, countless twists and glossy texture comprise the trademark Abbas-Mustan style that ruled the suspense-thriller genre in Bollywood for so many years. Yet they failed miserably when it came to the launch of Mustafa, Abbas� son. Not only this, Machine might be the worst film of their filmography.(more)

Source: Rohit Vats, Hindustan Times


How to pass time in this drag? Play spot-the-movie game

Machine is the kind of film the director-duo would have got away in the 90s. Or maybe not. Even the squelchiest of plots need some acting chops and charisma: none of the young people, including the debutant Burmawla, is in possession of these crucial ingredients that makes a star.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta , Indian Express


There's nothing 'mast mast' about this Abbas-Mastan thriller

If you think you can predict where this story is going, let me share that there is a double role, a foster father, a murder plot, a catalogue of sub-standard actors, even worse computer graphics and a number of tedious songs that are timed to distract you from the drivel being delivered in the previous scene. If the filmmakers wanted to distract us from the absurdity playing out, the hairstyles and costumes were enough.(more)

Source: Udita Jhunjhunwala,