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A Satirical Courtroom Drama Which Works

With Jolly LLB 2 Subhash Kapoor has gone on to make a convincing follow up film to a well appreciated and successful film of the recent past. It�s also heartening to see that the presence of a huge star in the film hasn�t really diluted the impact and has only enhanced the franchise all the more. (more)

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Akshay Kumar powers this courtroom drama that is funny as well as tragic

Akshay Kumar's comic timing is the backbone of this story. His dialect, theatrics, dialogues, everything is spot on, but he is yet to deliver a powerful speech like Arshad Warsi. With a fantastic support cast like Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor and Inamul Haq, Jolly LLB 2 looks like a winner. Director Subhash is clearly in command of a story that seems to have a well written screenplay.(more)

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Akshay Kumar is right man for the job

Akshay has made entertainers with a message as his hallmark. Whether it was Rustom or Airlift, the films portrayed the star as an everyman who never goes against the system but still ensures justice is done. Jolly LLB 2 is a big step in the same direction.(more)

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Akshay changes shades from crooked to straight, like a chameleon. In top-form, he puts up a perfect display of a street-smart lawyer who hasn't read legal tomes but who has instead picked up tips from courtroom corridors to become Jolly LLB. Huma and Annu are also compelling enough. It is the fine display of histrionics by all these refined actors, which makes the movie, worth seeing.(more)

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Akshay Kumar, Subhash Kapoor pull off emotional resonance in this patchy film

Jolly LLB 2, as it turns out, is a mixed bag. The references to the Kashmir conflict and Hindu-Muslim tensions are impressive because the film raises these crucial issues without being in your face about them. The basic outline of the story is teeming with potential. When it�s good, Jolly LLB 2 is pretty moving. Sadly, the patchy treatment leaves it sagging too often.(more)

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Akshay Kumar is great. It's true.

The paan and people of Lucknow are captured well on camera. Kudos to Subhash Kapoor for making his Jolly LLB 2 on a believable plot. These are all real cases we have seen, heard of, grown up with. From references to Sunny Deol to what actually goes on inside a courtroom, Jolly LLB 2 has it all.(more)

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Akshay Kumar's Film Is Both Funny And Thought-Provoking

Jolly LLB also, tangentially, brings into its purview the vexed theme of young Muslim men falsely implicated in cases of terrorism and not given a chance in hell by a police and a media all too eager to brand and hang them. The film also slips in allusions to the "anti-national" versus "patriotic" debate that dominates the political discourse in the country today even as it emphasizes the centrality of a free and fair judicial system in a polity controlled by the wealthy and the powerful. If all this sounds too solemn for a mass entertainer, do not be put off. Jolly LLB 2 does well not to take itself too seriously. It has the feel of a good-natured banter between friends rather than that of an inflated inquest conducted from a pedestal. Scintillating? No. Enjoyable? Absolutely.(more)

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Akshay does complete justice!

Except it's a criticism that's gladly washed away by the pungency at which Jolly LLB 2 scorns at the intense rot eating up a noble profession without compromising on the inherent rascality of its titular characte(more)

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