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Sarrainodu is a masala flick which helps Arjun change gears and go head first in to a full-blown mass role.

Sarrainodu is a masala flick which helps Arjun change gears and go head first in to a full-blown mass role. While Srinu�s writing is a complete damp-on-arrival, Arjun single-handedly pulls this entire motion picture out of the rubble on his huge biceps and dances away to cementing his position as Tollywood�s foremost and complete actor.(more)

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Bunny, the 'blockbuster' guy

An oldish formula and story line. Bunny is immensely watchable in the massiest ever role of his. Watch out for enthralling action. Expect no wow stuff except for Bunny.(more)

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Sarrainodu lacks success strength

Boyapati Srinu retold his Bhadra once again changing the style.However he elevated hero character and readied a story. However he couldn't narrate the story and his screenplay in a gripping manner.Watching this film one wonder whether Boyapati cannot direct genex heroes except senior star Balakrishna.We are witness to watch numerous films where hero meets heroine introuble going to her place unexpectedly and then saving her. Heroine losing her family at the hands of villains and what hero does when heroine meets him again. Entertainment present in the first half goes missing in hte second half.Though the film has two glamorous heroines, two are confined only to dancing with the hero in songs. Aadi Pinisetty attracted as villain.The weak story did not get even the technical support in form of music. Sarrainodu is only for fans.(more)

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Marred by a yawn-inducing plot

Aadhi Pinisetty is menacing and as always, his diction is spot on. Among the supporting cast, Jayaprakash and Srikanth make an impact. Brahmanandam is there to bring in a few laughs, but it�s Vidyu Raman who brings the house down. Her role is caricaturish, as a sambar-obsessed Tamilian but she pulls it off.(more)



Mass Overdose

All in all, Allu Arjun and Boyapati have come up with an out and out mass movie that has no great scenes.(more)

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Allu Arjun�s action flick is a thoroughly entertaining ride!

If you are looking for no holds barred action and entertainment with power packed dialogues, then Sarrainodu is the perfect flick for you this weekend!(more)

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Typical Masala Entertainer

Sarrainodu is indeed a Oora mass entertainer. The film has many elements which will enthrall the fans and mass general audience. Bunny�s stunning transformation, Aadi�s screen presence and amazing action sequences are huge assets. If you are OK with too much violence and manage to bear the last fifteen minutes, you can happily watch Sarrainodu, which will end up as a typical masala entertainer this summer.(more)

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