Puthiya Niyamam (U/A)
12/Feb/2016 Thriller, Drama 2hrs 14mins

Puthiya Niyamam

Critics Review


Crime Meets Family!

A perfect thriller in the backdrop of a family story, with some outstanding performances. (more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


Watch Puthiya Niyamam for Nayanthara

It is yet to be seen whether the family audience will fancy Puthiya Niyamam like they did Drishyam. Yet it is worth a watch for the performance of the leading lady Nayanthara. (more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha., Rediff.com


For a thriller, Puthiya Niyamam is not gripping enough

Saajan's script, though, is flawed in many ways, despite the extended climax tying up many loose ends. It's not clear why cops wouldn't follow up on the crime - be it suicides or murders - especially when the police force is depicted as being quite efficient in the film. (more)

Source: Sanjith, Times Of India



Puthiya Niyamam is not a perfect film but it ends up as a fine experience at around 2 hours and 14 minutes which tries to say something serious. The viewer may leave the theatre with several unanswered questions but even then, this thriller can provide some edge of the seat moments. Enjoy this one! (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


Lost its novelty

�Puthiya Niyamam�, with its staid treatment and morbid tone, fails to excite the audience at any point. (more)

Source: SR PRaveen, The Hindu