Nenu Sailaja

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Nenu Sailaja
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Feel Good Family Entertainer

Nenu Shailaja is a simple yet beautiful love story with the right mix of family emotions. Superb first half, Ram�s balanced performance and a clean narration are huge assets for the film. If you ignore the routine nature of the script during the second half, you can happily watch this feel good film...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team,


Beautiful Conversations

Nenu Sailaja is a well-thought project from Ram who has been doing completely mass movies in recent years. It has freshness in first half and a familiarity in second half. Plus points of the film are freshness in first half, beautiful dialogues and Ram�s perfect portrayal. On the flip side, second h...(more)

Source: Jeevi, Idlebrain


Feels like a good start

This is a simple story of relationships, beautifully told. A few frills, like a song in front of a dhaba and a needless land shark of a villain don�t gel with the rest of the film. Ignore these and Nenu Sailaja is a feel-good film to start the year with.(more)



Nenu.. Sailaja... is a slice of life love story with many coincidences that are possible only in the world of movies.

Nenu.. Sailaja... doesn't really offer anything new. But it comes across as a culmination of some very well shot sequences, commendable performances and real world simplicity. We don't really see much of such subtly told stories on celluloid today, so you might as well give it a try!(more)

Source: Pranita Jonnalagedda, Times Of India

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Night is still young” Sagar David Simon
2 “Crazy Feeling” Ramajogayya Sastry Prudhvi Chandra
3 “Masti Masti” Anantha Sriram Sooraj Santhosh, Swetha Mohan
4 “Sailaja Sailaja” Bhaskara Bhatla Sagar
5 “Em Cheppanu” Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry Karthik
6 “Ee Premaki” Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry Chitra