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Kanu Behl's promising debut is a riveting account of survival, unfulfilled dreams, emotional meltdowns and crime. Set in Delhi's dystopic underbelly, the film terrifyingly lingers in your mind long after you've seen it(more)

Source: Renuka Vyavahare, Times Of India


This is the best Hindi film of the year so far

Kanu Behl�s Titli is the most impressive film of this year so far. Its tryst with reality will keep you hooked till the end, to say the least.(more)

Source: Rohit Vats, Hindustan Times


Titli is an impressive directorial debut

Siddharth Dewan�s cinematography is voyeuristically intrusive, with some strikingly poignant compositions highlighting the film�s authentic art-direction. This is a stirringly solid directorial debut.(more)

Source: Raja Sen, Rediff.com


It's all about choosing between a known devil and an unknown devil

Strong, yet restrained performances mark Kanu Behl's debut. One look at Ranvir (even before the violence comes to light) and you know there's a feral beast waiting to be set loose. The complexly written Bawla, played by Sial, leaves much to the viewer's imagination. He remains a mystery throughout.(more)

Source: Editorial board, DNA


The fight or flight dilemma!

Director Kanu Behl weaves a sordid story about this dysfunctional family where there is as much love as hate, as much violence as there are hints of tenderness. The shifting equations between characters has us riveted throughout, and it's hugely exciting to see how each character finds love and betr...(more)

Source: Sonai Chopra , Bollywood Hungama


This Ranvir Shorey � Shashank Arora masterpiece is not for the faint-hearted!

The makers don�t dumb down or spoon feed things to their viewers. The film is filled with such brilliant sequences. Father played by Lalit Behl delivers a power packed performance only with his quaint mannerisms and occasional one liners. Watching this film will definitely broaden your horizons(more)

Source: Preeti Kulkarni, Bollywood Life

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Gowtham Viswanath

Titli hauntingly succeeded as a Human Interest Story and with compelling Direction. A Powerful debut of the Director made expectations looking on for his next. The shocking and clenching Writing with painstaking details delivered a painful and hard hitting view, gave a bittersweet experience. Everyt... (more)