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Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor don't burn it up

But that thing, oh that thing, between the two people who are looking for forever, failing at it, and finding it � the crucial elements of terrific romcoms � needs more depth. It needs more feeling. Which 'Befikre' doesn't have.(more)

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Befikre Movie Review

If you care for some laughs, some YRF nostalgia and are, well, promiscuous with your choice of romcoms, you could take a chance with this one. (more)

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Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor's Chemistry Is Middling At Best

In Befikre, what happens in Paris shouldn't have strayed beyond the main square of the Louvre. The film goes much further afield in search of true love and loses its way. If you dig that feeling, Befikre might be right up your boulevard. (more)

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Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor do entertain if that is all you ask for

Befikre values entertainment as much as you want those Rs 100 notes these days. Be sure of getting entertained by Ranveer Singh�s charisma and Vaani Kapoor�s French. But, don�t wish for more.(more)

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Ranveer-Vaani offer a cliched but enjoyable affair

Vishal-Shekhar have done a good job with the Befikre soundtrack. Ude Dil Befikre and Nashe Si Chadh Gayi are likeable earworms. Befikre is best enjoyed when you go in without any expectations at all. The film is not boring. And that's what makes it a decent one-time watch.(more)

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Befikre is joyful and will make you smile

There are some messy moments in the film, especially the weird unruly slapstick scene towards the end in a church. And that is when one senses that Chopra is not in full control of the plot. He knows how the film will end, but the path to that seems forced and convoluted. Still much of Befikre is loaded with a carefree spirit. It is joyful and it will make you smile.(more)

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A Sure-shot winner all the way.

BEFIKRE is an urban youth centric fun entertainer with a new age theme which will find patronage with the youth. At the Box- Office, it will be loved and appreciated by the target audience. The masses might find the subject bold and shocking; however, they will be in a minority to make any sizeable impact to its box office prospects. A Sure-shot winner all the way. (more)

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