Amar Akbar Anthony
23/Oct/2015 Comedy, Thriller

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Amar Akbar Anthony
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Critics Review


An out and out entertainer.

As an entertainer Director Nadirsha had succeeded in weaving all delightful elements in a perfect mix to make it a wholesome entertainer. His experience in the film field is evident even though he is making his debut. Have to give credits to the writers as well. (more)

Source: Harikrishnan, onlookersmedia


Amar Akbar Anthony is a family entertainer. Don't go expecting a classic, it has screenplay issues, but you'll have fun.

Nadirshah has done a commendable job as director, better still for having brought in his own comic nuances to the performances. Background score by Bijibal complements the visuals for most part. (more)

Source: Editorial Board,


Fun filled family entertainer with a social message

Hats off to comedian, singer and mimicry artist Nadirshah for making a decent debut as a director. He has selected the right cast for the film and with just this film, he has met the standards of Rafi-Mecartin and Siddique-Lal combination type hit films. (more)

Source: Anu James,


Time Pass Entertainer

In his debut venture, Nadir Shah has gone for the Siddique-Lal kind of presentation, where the story takes some serious turn towards the middle of the second half that will end some minutes before the climax. The scriptwriter duo needs a pat on their back for their maiden effort. Sujith Vaassudev�s ...(more)

Source: Moviebuzz,


Comical Extravaganza!

Amar Akbar Anthony has the Nadhirshah touch in each and every point. The debutant filmmaker has succeeded in bringing out the best from his actors; without losing the grip over the high-dose comical situations. (more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


Amar Akbar Anthony is a roller coaster fun ride.

The script written by Bipin George and Vishnu Unnikrishnan plays it safe and it consciously gives extra impetus to the fun element.Nadirsha manages to assert himself as a director and he holds the reins safely to a large extent.Sujith Vasudev one of the finest cinematographers among the young crop...(more)

Source: RajVikram,

User Reviews


Gowtham Viswanath

AAA moving aimlessly ended up on social note. When the comical side was held back, the side that remained stayed inert and idle, dabbling. Very mediocre Direction fused with wandering Screenplay led to a much low point than an average Flick. The Performances were deeply vague matching a commercial p... (more)