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Beautiful Movie A multi-millionaire Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna) becomes paralyzed after a terrible accident in Paris, France during paragliding.He starts searching for a care-taker along with his secretary Keerthi (Tamannaah) and during this search Seenu (Karthi) impresses him though he will be rejected by his well wishers. Seenu is an unemployed youth who becomes a thief to earn living. Vikram and Seenu bonds well because of sensibilities balancing their thoughts and emotions. Seenu who is hated by his family helps them with the support of Vikram at the right time. The rest of the movie is about how Vikram travels for the rest of his life with his right partner and how Seenu becomes responsible. Watch Oopiri to know completely about the movie. The first half of Oopiri has been completely outstanding with many moments to celebrate. The human emotions and relations have been explained well with lot of care. The songs have been completely decent and the background score has been top notch. Karthi has been the main source for entertainment and the complete first half of Oopiri takes the audience to a different world impressing them with a feel. The second half of Oopiri to has been good but the film dips down during the initial time. Some unwanted episodes spoil the mood of the movie but the film returns back with a bang after the first half an hour. The pre climax and the climax episodes have been well balanced and the performances by the lead actors take the film to the next level. On the whole the second half of Oopiri has its proud moments to get entertained. Oopiri Performance : Nagarjuna is the show stealer for sure though he has been restricted to his wheelchair. His emotions and his performance take the film to the next level and is the major highlight of the film. Karthi has been impressive in a thiefs role and he has done an outstanding job throughout the film. Nagarjuna and Karthi bonded well on screen and Tamannaah has been beuatiful throughout the film. She dubbed for the first time on her own and Prakash Raj, Jayasudha have been assigned some important roles who travel with the lead actors in this journey. All the other actors have been decent and impressive. The story of Oopiri has been taken from a French movie The Intouchables but the director along with his team has taken his time to transform the movie completely to impress the Telugu audience. The music and the background score have been completely apt for an emotional film like Oopiri. The cinematography elevated the film well and the editing has been decent. Prasad V Potluri should be mentioned specially for his brave attempt and spending a bomb on an emotional concept like Oopiri Vamsi Paidipally has done a decent job in bringing out an emotional entertainer with all the ingredients in the right amounts. Final Word: Oopiri is one more masterpiece that comes from PVP Cinema and Nagarjuna, Karthi blended the film in their style. An emotional content along with an impressive and engaging narration makes Oopiri a decent family entertainer. (more)