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A Tribute To Expatriates

Pathemari may not be the cliched commercial flick which caters to all type of audience. But the honest approach towards a socially relevant theme makes it a must watch movie.(more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


A familiar expatriate tale

Director Salim Ahamed has presented a tale, which is very much familiar. In doing so he might gain the empathy of the audience, but the compromise he makes is with the realism and lack of novelty in the narrative. However, the moments of high emotional drama adds charm to the narrative.(more)

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An emotionally touching film

Pathemari is an emotionally touching film which can move your heart. It�s not an entertainer but film that makes you see the life some people lives on whose efforts we are depending on. A film for the people who loves class and emotional films.(more)

Source: Harikrishnan, onlookersmedia


Pathemari is a must-watch

Pathemari is an interesting watch that tells you an already familiar story, but in a way that makes you sit up and realize that more often than not, the life of those we know living in the Middle East is not that cozy and comfortable as we often assume it to be. Or at least it was not for those who moved there before it became the buzzing urban centre it is today. (more)

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"Pathemari" is a must watch and is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

The story is not new, but the way it has been presented along with the right casting makes it a must watch. Hats off to director Salim Ahamed for bringing such a real life story to reel life, helping many realise the struggles of each and every pravasi. (more)

Source: Anu James,


Pathemari is a tale of struggle and survival.

Pathemari has a rather challenging premise and the makers have tried their level best to give it a realistic feel.Mammootty shines as the protagonist who goes through the ebbs and flows of a complicated existence.(more)

Source: RajVikram,