Dam 999

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No wonder

Seriously, if at all there was a film that had to be one of the most confused, incoherent and pointless affair this year, it had to be 'Dam 999'. No wonder, just like the basic plot of the film, it would always forever remain as a mystery that how are such films ever made.(more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com



This dam movie also kills you with boredom. And why did they make it in 3D? Yawn!(more)

Source: Ganesh A Nadar, Rediff.com


Damp squib

Dam 999 turns out to be a damp squib, nothing less. If those involved in its making had donated the money spent on this movie to reconstruct the Mullapperiyar dam, it would have been a noble act. No such luck and the film turn out to be a mere waste of time and money.(more)

Source: moviebuzz, Sify.com


Below average

This is one damn boring film. Avoid or be damned. (more)

Source: Editorial board, Times Of India