The Thriller (U/A)
17/Nov/2010 Crime, Thriller

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The Thriller
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The film actually tries hard to make the viewers remind about all those sensational things that came on the news channels and media during those days when it hogged the headlines. There are references to the activities of the business group, participation in the cricket league, (more)

Source: moviebuzz,


Thrills the off repeated way

'The Thriller' has its limitations due to its oft-repeated theme. At the box-office, the film may appeal to the die hard fans of the star and lovers of action movies. For others, the stylishly done visuals and takings may impress in parts.(more)

Source: Editorial board,


The Thriller lacks thrills

If the main purpose of The Thriller was to project Prithviraj as the superstar material, it does bring him a step closer to the coveted position, but as an investigative thriller, it is off the mark. (more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha ,