Pranchiyettan & The Saint (U)
10/Sep/2010 Comedy, Drama

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Pranchiyettan & the Saint
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Brilliant performance

Pranchiyettan & the Saint scores mainly with its imaginative presentation, though it loses the STEAM to a great extent especially in the second half. Of course, it succeeds in providing quite a few genuine laughs and well, Mammootty?s brilliant performance provides an engrossing feel to the viewer. ...(more)

Source: moviebuzz,


Renjith with a new experience

'Pranchiyettan and the Saint' is definitely prescribed for everyone who likes fresher themes and initiatives in Mollywood.(more)

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The success of Pranchiyettan and the Saint rests on the shoulders of writer director Ranjith who gives a meaty story to actors to dig their teeth into. It is the near flawless script and direction that give this simple and straight forward narrative multiple dimensions.(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha ,