Chandrettan Evideya (U)
01/May/2015 Comedy, Drama

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Chandrettan Evideya
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Presented attractively

Chandrettan Evideya has nothing much to offer that you have not seen before but even then, it has been presented attractively. In those times when there is very little to choose in terms of good cinema, this one could give you enough to leave the theatre with a smile. Watch this one!(more)

Source: moviebuzz,


Well communicated

There are the elements relating to astrology in the movie, and one needs to really think to get the sequences� import. The plot is all about how Chandran sorts out the women in his life. Director Siddarth Bharathan has done a wonderful job of getting the feel of the movie just right. It has all the...(more)

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Vintage Dilip is back

The movie brings back the vintage Dileep in full swing. Strongly recommended to the audience who love to watch family entertainers. (more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India



Chandrettan Evideya has been called a realistic, middle-class movie, because this is what real middle class people do - have an affair because you had dated a dancer a thousand years ago and want to have a go at her now. (more)

Source: Harikrishnan, India Today


Dileep's Best in Recent Times

"Chandretten Evideya" is a film worth a watch and you can definitely hit theatres to have good time with you family.(more)

Source: Nicy V.P,

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