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This Eid Feast is Quite a Pleasant Surprise

Though Sultan is no game changer it is still a commendable Salman Khan film, one where we more or less root for him with the slogan �kar de chatai� as he fights his opponent in the ring. Hence it wouldn�t really be a surprise if Sultan goes on to be accepted widely, both by fans of Salman Khan and the aamaadmi as well.(more)

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It's Eid With Your 'Khaandaan' And The 440 Volt Salman Khan!

Well, it's a Salman Khan movie after all. And there is no denying that he left no stones unturned to make the film worth watching!Eid & Salman is indeed a tempting combination!(more)

Source: Swikriti Srivastava, One India


Sultan is not a sports drama! It is a sheer Salman Khan drama. For its entertainment value and a cliched but watchable storyline

Even as the script fails, Zafar relies on his lead star to carry the film on his shoulders. From his Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday days, we have to say that the director has definitely come a far way. If only, he had made sure to keep the film a little crisper it would have been better. The second half drags and not all fights are captured well enough to keep you at the edge of the seat. Also, execution of the mixed martial arts tournament could have been done better.(more)

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The trouble is its length. At nearly three hours of runtime, Sultan gets heavy and repetitive - only so many training sequences can look sharp and by the time Randeep Hooda shows up as MMA coach Fateh Singh, resembling a perennially eating Brad Pitt from Ocean's Eleven, but overacting as he gets senti about Sultan, you become restive. By cutting 30 minutes of flab - running commentaries, kite-running, taalas, taalis - Sultan could've been a leaner, meaner movie. As it is, it's more a large lassi, not an espresso shot. (more)

Source: Srijana Mitra Das, Times Of India


Salman Khan rocks Eid with a crowd-pleaser

Sultan is a Salman Khan film. Probably every flaw is worthy of being overseen thanks to the sheer aura of the man. The Salman who makes people stand up and scream and shout his name right in the middle of an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sequence. Every time Salman faces an opponent inside the ring, you want to shout 'Sultan' out loud. Every time he tries wooing Aarfa in his awkward 'gaawar' ways, you can't help but feel for the guy. Watch Sultan for Salman Khan. Not sure if anyone would watch the film for anything else any which way.(more)

Source: Ananya Bhattacharya, India Today


Sultan remains a Salman Khan vehicle, pure and simple, gift-wrapped for his constituency of filmgoers.

Sultan is a Salman Khan film made solely for the superstar's fans. It has everything to please its target audience. It has megahit written all over it. (more)

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Salman, Anushka�s Eid offering has all the sparkles

Sultan has all the right ingredients of a �masala� potboiler, and whistling and sobbing are likely to go hand-in-hand here. Don�t go looking for a twist ending, though. We all know what to expect from such a film, but it�s still a lot of fun to see the underdog win(more)

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Salman, not quite on top of this game v

There are many other causes the film, nay Salman as Sultan, fights for; he even decides to name his son Aman because the violent world needs some peace. But quite like Jai Ho, and unlike the sharp and smart Bajrangi Bhaijaan, these causes make Sultan feel like a Being Human franchisee than just another film.(more)

Source: NAMRATA JOSHI, The Hindu