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Lokpal is the kind of film that has been made with some kind of arrogance, without even scant regard for the viewer. Watch some of the yesteryear gems from Mohanlal instead of wasting time on this one.(more)

Source: movie buzz, Sify.com


Mohanlal's Lokpal is a big letdown

We cannot really find fault with the cast as most of them appear to be sleep-walking through the proceedings. Mohanlal does try to add some charm with his role. Kavya Madhavan is wasted in the role of Nandakumar�s old flame and Manoj K Jayan�s current wife. TG Ravi who appears in the role of a re...(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha, Rediff.com


Lokpal's tracks appear as damp as the story.

Though in vain, Joshiy tries his best, drawing from his past successes to nurse a narrative which is a sequence of drab scenes stitched together by Swamy in one of his indolent moods. There is very little Mohanlal gets to do in a film where his face, for the most part a moving canvas, is riven with ...(more)

Source: Aswin J Kumar, Times Of India


This Lokpal may not serve longer

While watching Lokpal you are sure to feel sad for the fantastic cast being underutilized. The movie may find it difficult even to satisfy the big fans of the star(more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com


The movie is sure to find the biggest fans of the star utterly dissapointed.

The movies get into stillness and finds it very hard to engage. The song 'Maya' by Rathesh Vega is foot tapping, but the lyrics of the rest of the songs are not so catchy. While watching 'Lokpal' one is sure to feel sad for the fantastic cast being underutilized.The movie is sure to find the biggest...(more)

Source: Editorial board, CNN-IBN

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “"Mayam Mayam" ” Rafeeq Ahamed Sooraj Santhosh
2 “"Mizhiyithalil" ” Rafeeq Ahamed Karthik
3 “"Kunjaruvikal Onnay" ” Rafeeq Ahamed Arun Elta
4 “"Arjunante" ” Rafeeq Ahamed Sooraj Santhosh
5 “Hari Govinda" ” Rafeeq Ahamed Pradeep Chandrakumar