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Director Shyamaprasad's Artist is one of his best works till date

The film feels visually lush thanks to Shamdat�s cinematography.Shyamaprasad has been exploring the man-woman relationship for a while now, and Artist comes very close to his best, Ore Kadal.(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha , Rediff.com


Passionate attempt!

Artist may be far from perfect, but it can leave you shocked for sure. When bold experiments that defy conventional formulas can only take Malayalam films to a higher level, this one needs to be appreciated for sure. Don't miss this passionate attempt!(more)

Source: Editorial board, Sify.com


Sure to get appreciated

'Artist' is one movie that may definitely be listed among the best of Shyamaprasad. Though it has little pitfalls, Artist is definitely engaging and is sure to get appreciated for its meaty narratives. (more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com


Artist is a well-assembled film, beautifully crafted

The narrative has a fluidity even while bordering on complexities of trust, betrayal and fidelity. In the process, it unfurls the facets of an artist, as the frames closely capture a man in the process of his creation, constantly conceiving images, trying and failing, cursing and sometimes breaking ...(more)

Source: Ashwin J Kumar, Times Of India