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Honest attempt to make a genuine film

22 Female Kottayam may be far from perfect, but it is a movie in the right direction. Such efforts should be well appreciated, as it is a step that leads to better cinema.The film is way ahead of some of those celebrated and more successful films that we come across in Malayalam.Well, there is an honest attempt to make a genuine film here. (more)

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Distinct style direction

Ashique Abu proves that his previous film Salt n' Pepper wasn't a fluke. With 22 Female Kottayam, he proves that he has a distinct signature and his films will provide a different experience.(more)

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Thumbs at the box office

The other highlight of the movie is that even though it tells a sexist tale, the narrative is streamlined in such a way that it doesn't offend the family audience too. The initial shows were all filled with the new generation male audiences who were all up to clap for that disturbing but one of the best executed finales of the movie. Now it's the time for the girls and ladies to come out and greet and applaud this fighter women, aged 22 from Kottayam and present the bold movie with a female oriented theme, a thumps up at the Box Office......(more)

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Unnatural climax scenes

Ashiq Abu in his keenness to empower his lead character orchestrates one of the most unnatural climax scenes produced of late. The film has a theme as old as the Kannaki myth but comes nowhere near in terms of inspiration.What makes Ashiq Abu's 22 Female Kottayam upsetting is the way the female lead character is portrayed in the movie. Tessa K Abraham, played by Rima Kallingal, is always willing to surrender, initially out of love and then to achieve her end. Her body is her only strength when it comes to taking on men. (more)

Source: Ashwin J Kumar, Times Of India