Sir C. P. (U)
15/May/2015 Comedy, Drama

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Sir C. P.
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Stale family story

Despite a rehashed storyline, you feel that each character has come before you numerous times. The only difference is that their antics do not win hearts and there is zero connect, especially with the lead character. Despite having experienced the shallow side of CP's personality, Honey Rose's chara...(more)

Source: Deepa Soman, Times Of India


Social satire

Definitely not a historical, the movie title is the acronym of the name of the lead character , Chethimattathu Philip, played by Jayaram.Shajool Karayal of 'Vadakkunnathan' fame is the director of the movie scripted by S SureshBabu. Rohini,and Seema play sisters clad in typical christian Chatta an...(more)

Source: Editorial board,