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Typical sports film

The film shows the transformation of Indian society in the last 30 years. Parents then thought that sports was a waste of time and academics was the only way to excel in life. Today, parents will go to any extent to nurture talent in their children as if they are realising their own dreams through t...(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha , Rediff.com


Entertaining movie

1983 is a simple film with its heart in the right place. It may be far from perfect, but nostalgia and cricket have been mixed well here. The makers of this film needs a pat on their back for their sincerity.(more)

Source: Editorial board, Sify.com


Shaped on a youth who idolizes Sachin

The romance that is stitched into the tale glides along, often tickling and sometimes throbbing. The plot is shaped on a youth who idolizes Sachin, a reason genuine enough for the TV clips featuring Sachin consuming the screen space.The film stays rooted and doesn't morph into an eye-popping starry ...(more)

Source: Ashwin J Kumar, Times Of India


Decent watch

This 1983 is sure to bring in smiling, satisfied faces, just like the year had with Indian cricketers. Abrid Shine and team do need applause for going the honest, sincere way, rather than opt to work after the glamour behind the game. Prescribed for a decent watch....Satisfaction guaranteed.(more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com


A must watch for creativity

Sachin Tendulkar has done wonders for Indian cricket and inspired millions, and thus deserves the adulation that writer-director Abrid Shine lavishes upon him. The film is nostalgic, and narrated in the first person. It�s a pity, however, that the chronology of the main character and that of the cri...(more)

Source: Dalton L, Deccan Chronicle